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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Get more reliable wifi in remote areas: carry an extender

So you’re not gonna believe this next tip. Carry around a wifi extender. Yup, I said it.  and I’ve been doing it. I bought it in Germany, and its been with me down through Eastern Europe and now India.  I’ve been meaning to ship it home…but I keep delaying and it keeps getting me wifi […]

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How to download a large file with a shaky internet connection, the 1337 way.

When traveling, the availability of a solid connection isn’t always reliable.  Or sometimes the file is so large and you are in transit you need to chip away at the download each time you find bits of access. Some browser download managers might support resume, but as of writing, Google Chrome does NOT.  pitiful, Chrome, […]

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Know where you are always: offline mapping on Android

So, you’re in the middle of india and you need to find your guesthouse.  No one speaks english.  You can’t call for directions.  All you have is an address.  Out of luck?  Not on android. The latest version of Google Maps on Ice Cream Sandwich has the ability to pre-cache all the maps tiles within […]

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