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Letters from Transylvania

Letters from Transylvania

Hey all,

Transylvania!!!  :::insert megalomaniacal laughter set to tochata and fugue::::  actually i’m in a town called Brasov in the region of Transylvania.  Its close to Vlad the Impaler’s castle…so I’m gonna try to make it there tomorrow.  So Vlad the Impaler was actually dracula.  Dracula just means son of the dragon and his dad was the dragon(Drac)…or something like that…
So far its only kind of creepy here.  The train ride last night was amazing.  Really old train that creaked, squeaked and moaned through the night.  The moon was out on one end of the sky partially obscured by thin strips of clouds…and the other end was completely clear with an amazing view of the stars(even with the moonlight)…I laid in my sleeper and saw several shooting stars.  The sleeper car was mostly empty so I had my own room which was awesome because its tiny!  Occasionally there would be loud voices of large men stomping through the hall but my room locked from the inside which was cool…especially since the conductor who was really nice warned me several times to make sure I locked ALL 3 of the locks on the inside…
I’m pretty happy to be out of Hungary.  They say hello and goodbye by saying “Szia”  which is pronounced “see-ya”…so sometimes its easy…and other times its really confusing when you walk up to them and they smile and wave and say “see-ya”.
Arriving this morning was neat…had the first feeling that I was kind of out Europe.  Prague and Budapest were both very european.  Really all the amenities an american might be used to were accessible one way or another.  Both had H&M and KFC and a bunch of other transnational acronyms. But coming into romania, at least from the comfy view from my sleeper, I saw a 50/50 mix of cars and horse drawn carriages and lots of aluminum and straw shanty towns with steaming compost piles.  Maybe its just cuz i’m in a smaller town as opposed to a big city…Although, I did spot a KFC here in Brasov…
Romanians all seem really nice…and the language sounds like Italian(you’re right leslie :) )  Every time I’ve whipped out my map someone checks to make sure I’m not lost and if I need help.  Most, if not all, of the time they’ve seemed genuine.  Very few people speak english.  In fact I think german is more common, which is really interesting.  Signs are more often in German than in english.  The train station was definitely filled with some ruffians(yea i said ruffians).  Even witnessed a fight within 5 minutes of arriving.  But I kept to myself and changed some money to Romanian Leu’s and got on the bus to my hostel
So now I’m officially 2 cities behind on photos….and of course when i went to upload them in Budapest where I had fairly stable connection…it crapped out in the hostel…so as soon as i get a chance I will get them…The train ride to istanbul is 18hours so that might be a good opportunity for me to at least get them on my computer and bagged and tagged.
I’m tentatively scheduled to go to Istanbul on Friday, but I might delay to give me more time in vampire country.  I”ll keep you posted :)
Love you all!
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