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Letters from Budapest

Letters from Budapest

Hey All,

Just arrived into my hostel in Budapest!  It was crazy this morning getting out of Prague so I didn’t have time to send a “leaving prague” email, but alas, i’m safe and sound in freezing but beautiful budapest.  Did you know budapest is really 2 cities: buda and pest.  Also, “pest” isn’t pronounced like “pest”, its pronounced “pesht”.  In case you were wondering…
Prague was very awesome.  Even after a week I still didn’t get a chance to see all the major attractions.  Its really interesting there because you can go from medieval, to baroque, to renaissance, to cubist(!) art and architecture within a very short distance.  Then there is also this czech artist who’s done some very amazing artwork like a sculpture of 2 dudes pissing on the map of the Czech republik.  This same artist was also commissioned by the EU to do an artwork that was demonstrative of the cultural diversity of the EU…and so in 2009 he did this: http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,601209,00.html Check out the photos…quite hilarious…
The whole city is walkable from one end to the next.  The only complaint is that its a bit touristy…its difficult to find a bit of “old worldness” that doesn’t have an annoying souvenir shop at the bottom.  My friend Martina who I stayed with for some days wrote me these directions half in czeck for off the beaten paths wonders…and i definitely got off the beaten path and found a monastery that brewed their own beer. yum.
While in prague, I attended a Cannabis conference…yes a Cannabis conference.  I saw on the program that they had a couple of lectures of hemp as a renewable building material…so this was totally the only reason why I went.  to check out renewable building materials.  Unfortunately, the lecture was completely in Czech…they had translation but it was still very difficult to understand.  I still enjoyed the rest of the conference, surprisingly. :)
I took a lot of photos…mostly from my phone…will try to get them uploaded shortly once they’re bagged and tagged.
love you all!
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