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Letters from Berlin – Part I

Letters from Berlin – Part I

Hey all,

Got to Berlin!!! I can’t express how good it feels to be here.  On one hand, this is kind of a milestone for me.  I’ve survived international travel for 8 weeks now and this was the first major destination I had set out to get to.  On my way to my hostel, I had to transfer at a place called Alexanderplatz.  The trains don’t have turn stiles so with one ticket you can walk on and off at each stop no problem.  So at alexanderplatz I walked out into the square and it was buzzing with energy.  It had been pouring as the train from freiburg arrived, and it seemed as if there were black rain clouds all around us,  but not over the square and somehow there was sun shining on the square.  The square was filled with people and vendors and street performers.  There was a marching band that seemed to be playing this triumphant welcome ballad just for me.  I can’t quite justify it, but everything here feels different,  in a great way.  Loads of young creatives, everyone is relaxed and wants to talk to you.  Everyone is international, and in a different way than ny.

Yesterday was filled with meeting loads of people.  I actually met a Berliner,  and she took me to a local Berlin underground party.  Here it was a little difficult because I could not speak German.  The party was half dark German industrial,  with lots of black vinyl and piercings and colored Mohawks, and half dubstep with everyone in normal clothes.  It was a bit cliquish,  but it was interesting to see the small bits of cross pollination that did occur.  The party was a little outside of town, but finding my way home was very manageable and safe.

I can definitely see spending a little while here to explore the city.  I got the low down on the main flat sharing website(its not craigslist. :-)), so I’m probably going to start looking for apt tomorrow.

On my last day in freiburg, I did get another lead: there is apparently this eccentric lady in the black forest near freiburg that runs an organic farm and does some interesting stuff with energy use and waste disposal.   Our schedules didn’t align before I left, but I made an appt to come visit next week.  Which means I have to trek back to freiburg.  So I’m a little iffy on having to make another trip all the way down there and back. Its quite expensive,  but this is my last lead and I think it may be worth it and may generate new leads, so I’m gonna have to suck it up.  Plus I heard Europe’s biggest amusement park outside of eurodisney is near there, so I may daisy chain them.


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