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Letters from Amsterdam

Letters from Amsterdam

Hey everyone,

Long time for a post, ey?
I finally made my departure from England and I’m very relieved.  It was grating on me.  England didn’t want me to go either…tried its best to keep me, but I thwarted its efforts. Barely made a train to the ferry…but it was the wrong train, so we missed our connecting train to the ferry..then had to dash into a taxi to get to the actual ferry, got stuck on a one way/one lane road behind an 18 wheeler…. we had the entire massive ferry liner waiting for Yousef and myself.  When we got to the ferry, they couldn’t find my reservation at first which held things up further.  But finally got on.  We paid a bit extra and got a cabin, seeing as it was an 8hr ride.  Passed out(we had stayed up the entire night before wandering around london so we wouldn’t be late to our train!)
Anyway…here in amsterdam now… Staying in a really cool hostel right across from Van Gogh musuem.  We’re gonna be here 3 nights, then Yousef is probably gonna head back to london, although he’s not sure yet.  Then I’m going to continue on to Germany, although the details I still have to iron out.
Talk soon!
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